Beyond the Stars - Mars Expedition: Sol43 Now Live on Kickstarter - Interplanetary Adventure Beyond Imagination!

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Hallandale, FL, USA – March 6th, 2024.

Queensell Inc, a groundbreaking force in the world of logic board games, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest creation, "Mars Expedition: SOL43." Crafted with precision by the ingenious Sergii Cherkasov and brought to life through the skilled hands of the talented Lina Chykaluk, "Mars Expedition: SOL43" guarantees an enriching voyage into the realms of logical exploration.

SOL43, a 1-2 player logic game, unfolds the Martian day, presenting an array of challenges and obstacles that demand your unwavering determination. Take on the role of a research drone captain, where 43 days of endurance and intelligence tests await your strategic prowess.

Dreams of Exploration

Once upon a time, the great Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of wings, of being like a bird in the depths of the blue sky. He dreamed of seeing the whole earth from an extraordinary height. Today we can do it. We can see the Earth from a height that Leonardo could never have imagined. However, human dreams have a tendency to expand. Today human dreams are about space journeys and the exciting adventures that wait for us in the black depth, full of bright, distant stars. Mars is one of the closest outposts of humanity. Gateway that embodies open paths. Paths that no one has ever known before. Realization of any dream starts with something. The great Leonardo sketched, built and tested wings. It was his gateway to aeronautics. Our gateway is the Sol43 game.

Behind the Scenes: Sol43's Unique Ingredients

From the author: “While the basic construction of the game was under development (idea, game board, drone, flight paths, tasks code, etc.), I read a lot of articles in popular science journals. It was a wide panorama of articles, achievements of modern inorganic chemistry, experiments with aerogels, nanomaterials, articles on NASA’s website about the small Ingenity helicopter, about the Perseverance Mars rover, which scientists gently call Percy. About the Ezero crater and the Neretva delta. This Mars rover and the equipment that scientists have installed on it have made it possible to explore the atmosphere, soil, radiation, seismic activity, to see and film real, dusty tornadoes of Mars, and even to synthesize some oxygen in the conditions of the atmosphere of this deserted planet. I consider this to be a real miracle. I have a tremendous fascination with the group photo of the NASA team scientists who are working on this project. There are a lot of people there. They were all inspired by the same idea - a journey to new terrains, to the red planet, to a world where no human has ever stepped a foot. They all wanted to take a glimpse into this dangerous world, behind the curtain of the hidden, at least from the corner of their eyes. And they succeeded! It is amazing. Surely, all of these have had a big impact on the game. Now Sol43 has a tornado, a flying drone and a desert landscape with rocks. However, there are also some fantastic extras. Aerographene (which doesn’t really exist on Mars) and geomagnetic anomalous zones, superpowers of the aircraft and many different combinations of element properties, such as moving and stationary tornadoes, or the interaction of a tornado with a drone, or the uncertainty in the center of an anomaly, or even just the impossibility of collecting aerographene in a simple way (it is necessary to analyze another way). All these give Sol43 a taste of special spices that leave a pleasant aftertaste for a long time.”

Scientific Kaleidoscope

Sol43 combines two structures – it’s a logic game that has a possibility to play both alone and in pairs. During a two-player game, it is possible to learn the intricacies of tactical movements using flexible factors offered by the author of the game. There are predicted factors mixed with random ones in the arsenal of players’ capabilities, which can significantly impact on the opponent’s next steps.

Game uses the whole kaleidoscope of scientific facts. Diverse knowledge increases a person’s erudition. Sol43 structure is a combination of puzzles that will increase the player’s logical and mathematical abilities.

How can a single game cell expand 40 times without the game retaining its structure and becoming more interesting? You say it’s impossible? However, in this game, it is quite possible to expand by 40 times! This happens when you get one map from the satellite, but the location turns out to be different, because these are anomalous territories with mysterious, super-dense objects in the center. No one knows what’s going to be inside. Do you want to find out?

This game is about space journeys. Space is the boundless territory of the most cherished dreams of freedom and adventures. The spirit of a pioneer has lived in each of us from the earliest times. There is more unknown than described on the terrains of the red planet, so anyone who opens this box immediately becomes a pioneer of a whole world - the world of Mars stories.

Dive into the interstellar adventure by clicking the link below and be among the first to conquer the red planet. Don't miss out on exclusive rewards – join us now on Kickstarter:




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