• Exclusive Early Access:  
    Be a pioneer in the Martian frontier! Backing SOL43 on Kickstarter grants you exclusive early access, allowing you to be among the first to explore and conquer the red planet before the game reaches the broader market.
  • Exclusive Kickstarter Components: 
    By supporting SOL43 on Kickstarter, you'll receive the unique Expansion set, which is a Kickstarter-exclusive set. 
    Elevate your gaming experience with enhanced features.
  • Global Shipping Assurance:
    SOL43 will not be available in retail in every country. Backing SOL43 guarantees global shipping, reaching your doorstep worldwide.
  • Support Independent Creativity: 
    Backing SOL43 isn't just about a game; it's about supporting independent creativity and fostering a passion project. Join the mission to bring an extraordinary board game to life and be part of the community that makes it happen.


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Available for PRE-ORDER. The estimated delivery will be in August 2024. 


Mars Expedition: Sol 43 Video Preview

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